probe command

Test if an endpoint is reachable using stored paths or provided gateway, and saves the Endpoint distance from local


probe [-v|--verbose] [-a|--again] [-n|--new] [-g|--gateway <gateway>] [<endpoint>]


  • <gateway>: A Host to use as gateway.

  • <endpoint>: An Endpoint or a Tag to reach.


  • -v|--verbose: increase output verbosity

  • -g|--gateway <gateway>: force the use of <gateway> as the gateway to connect (instead of automatically calculated path)

  • -a|--again: include already probed endpoints

  • -n|--new: try finding a new shorter path

If <endpoint> is provided, test if it is reachable, eventually forcing specified <gateway>. See Path finding.

If <endpoint> is not provided, use the current Workspace options to determine which Endpoint to probe. If it is not set, try every endpoint in the Scope.

After completion, information will be added to endpoint list : endpoints will as reachable and their distance will be set.